ES Thursday 9-25-14

The levels I see and we are hitting down into one now...need to watch 83.75 - 85.50 for clues...I favor longs...after a trend day they often like to buy breaks and sell this may be the break happening now in O/N session......failure below that 83.75 will push to 80 - 81...just an FYI ...working on a second video to add to this post
No video below? Try this link: Thursday_9-25-14.swf

damn jing cut me off...the nerve !! was trying to mention at the end is that they like to drive the cash to the 00, 25, 75 numbers but in between you can split it out to 12.5 increments and even further to 6.25 increments if you want much Iike I did on the fib grid thread with the ES futures

this video also covers some Greenies !!
No video below? Try this link: cut_me_off_jing.swf

as an fyi i AM LONG AT 85.25 IN on...WITH A GRANDER PLAN TO PLAY LONG INTO THE 83 AREA IN rth IF NEEDED....oopps cap lock..88 and 89.50 would make good targets if this low holds..if we drop lower before RTH opens it will shift the O/N midpoint down so the 88 would not be the target....I would keep the 89.50 as that is a vpoc for me from O/N session
starting rth longs at 83.25...gotta be careful here 85.25 is first target
current greenies have volume at 83.75 and 84.75 so that is critiical if runners are gonna get up into 89...otherwise failure at greenies implies the 80 - 81
runners stopped out...gonna try one more long and that will be either from down at under 81.75 or above 84.75...starting new longs at 81.25 as i type...using 83 as a target...
they really need to start bu8ilding time above 81.50 or else this runs the risk of dropping down int the 78.75 edge
I ate the loser at 79.75...
starting new longs at 76.25......78.25 is my magnet now........concern is are they gonna go all the way for that greenies at 73 ???...I have a developing greenie at 78.25
The sellers are really bringing it today....
missed exit by two ticks and exited at starting next try on longs at 74 but will add at 73 if it prints.....76 and 78 are my targets ...
coming out heavy at 76.25 to make up for small losers...if we can hold the 73 - 74 area then we have a good shot at getting back to 78.25 on this push up
Thanks for the explanation Bruce. Enjoy your vacation!