ES Thursday 9-25-14

The levels I see and we are hitting down into one now...need to watch 83.75 - 85.50 for clues...I favor longs...after a trend day they often like to buy breaks and sell this may be the break happening now in O/N session......failure below that 83.75 will push to 80 - 81...just an FYI ...working on a second video to add to this post
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damn jing cut me off...the nerve !! was trying to mention at the end is that they like to drive the cash to the 00, 25, 75 numbers but in between you can split it out to 12.5 increments and even further to 6.25 increments if you want much Iike I did on the fib grid thread with the ES futures

this video also covers some Greenies !!
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Thanks for the tip Bruce. I am at BE for the day so just sitting on the sidelines with my book and pen taking notes from your trading and what the market is doing :)
a final video today on Greenies and what is down below the market
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that gap started at folks will be trying to buy under there to get back to IB low breakdown point...that 65 mentioned on last video did nothing so far...but I'd watch for retest from below
oh crap...trying once more today at 62.75..targeting 65 and IB low........we know a failure they will go to fill that gap
30 and 60 minute breakouts are even more I NEVER expect singles to be left behind on both the 30 and 60 minute...and besides they already did that once this and that 60 minute single from monday was filled in yesterday...
got my if they can just get that Ib low at around's almost 11 and we don't want to initiate after's ok to try and hold a small runner but nothing this really is it now....a difficult day but they happen and you have to know how to deal with them.....
lol Bruce, was that your fourth or fifth last trade? Anyways, nicely done once again..
exiting at 66.25..that is close enough for me to the IB low....good luck if ya stay and play.......funny how my last trade of the day was the best have to be tenacious some days and just not give up unless you reach your loss levels or mental pain levels......or even better...a TIME limit
Good trading Bruce. And thanks once again for the very helpful commentary. I know how tough it must be to trade and do it at the same time so thanks once again
great point.....I didn't expect market to keep moving I was so confident that my runners would hit some bigger targets....they didn't today and since we sold off to new lower levels and different probabilities I watch then I needed to keep trading for things that I know usually happen....but know I am 90 minute window is up...and it ended up being a good day
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lol Bruce, was that your fourth or fifth last trade? Anyways, nicely done once again..
Thanks for the explanation Bruce. Enjoy your vacation!