ES Thursday 9-25-14

The levels I see and we are hitting down into one now...need to watch 83.75 - 85.50 for clues...I favor longs...after a trend day they often like to buy breaks and sell this may be the break happening now in O/N session......failure below that 83.75 will push to 80 - 81...just an FYI ...working on a second video to add to this post
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damn jing cut me off...the nerve !! was trying to mention at the end is that they like to drive the cash to the 00, 25, 75 numbers but in between you can split it out to 12.5 increments and even further to 6.25 increments if you want much Iike I did on the fib grid thread with the ES futures

this video also covers some Greenies !!
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one last video for those who are into projections etc,,,,,an oldie but a goodie...
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on last thing is often when you go beyond the range projection you can think in terms of standard deviations of the full you can ask have we gone 125% of a full projection..have we gone 150% beyond etc...ok..nuff said....gotta run...literally !!
Nice projection on the low zone for today Bruce.
thanks Sharks...I got an email regarding the 3 period range projection so I am walking through a monthly projection instead of the weekly this much as I'd rather have questions posted to the forum for all to see I welcome any questions regarding the work I use and I think I speak for all when I say that questions and ideas are encouraged here...I know many of us have been around here and MP and VP for some time and have lots to please ask questions here or in private and make really helps with ones trading.......ok......hope this helps....many can use the same idea on the daily too...we are very far stretched doesn't mean we can't go lower as 5% of the time we use appropriate long entries if you think this will stay closely capped on the downside with the 95 % probability.....
No video below? Try this link: monthly_range.swf

Thanks for the explanation Bruce. Enjoy your vacation!