ES Friday 10-10-14

Starting very small long term buys at 1915 today and working on a video that shows why...I know if I an wrong then they will want to test down into the 08.50 - 10.50 in progress and I know this is a gamble with report in 3 minutes....18 will be target
here is video1 today and as I wanted to show the reason for my 15 area buy just before....working on a more refined one and will add and modify this post to include a second video
No video below? Try this link: video_1_.swf

video 2 just more numbers and zones

key numbers typed out 23.50 , 28, 34 - 36 zone ...38.75 begins to define single print area but far upper edge is 44.50 - 46.50 then is 49.50 - 50.50....below the close is that 18, the 15 and then I would use a zone under the On low from 1908 - seems that if we are looking at a 24 hr session that the days low may be in I donot expect the On low to print today
No video below? Try this link: video_2.swf

with a poor low from yesterday and the O/N midpoint below YD low I think the first trade in RTH should look to be a seller if u haven't put on a short in the O/N session until those fill in
so our friend 30.75 printed..very cool....I think they will want to come back for the O/N high retest but that's all for me today...I thought they played it very well today and it's friday...hope all have a great weekend
Bruce, did you attempt shorts from the 27-38 area? If not, can you share your reason why not? Thanks.
no i did not ..for two reasons...I was in a long and I also had a higher probability of printing that 30.75 I mentioned......It's always best to wait and see what happens ABOVE or below an Overnight high or low that matches up with something like a POC from just a day session range...often they will blow through POC's and then come back for the retest today....they know that many will buy or sell poc' today those sellers at that 28 poc get smoked and when they are wrong they buy them back which temporarily adds to more buying...but when that buying runs today then they will come back to retest the poc ( which was also the O/N high)...many will also use 2.5 - 4 point stops above or below a often a good fade point too.....

I also did not take my own 30.75 sell even though I knew we had a high probability of coming back to that POC....just to keep things honest

yesterday we left single at the 90 minute and we also never tested the first 30 minute we have already tested the 30 minute VPOC...I never expect things to happen two days in a row in the's just the nature of the back and fill process in the ES....of course it does happen but not enough....
Thanks for the answer! Helps a lot! Enjoy your weekend!
good odds they will come back for the 30 minute low...the question is from how far down.....good luck.....anything under 15 is a buy and also under that O/N low....
we have weekly and monthly poc's in the 13.50 and 15 any trade under there should in theory pop back up for the retests from under those prices.....
ok..nuff over posters anonymous group will be made at me.....good luck and enjoy your 3 day break
oh damn...very high odds 13.50 - 15.50 will be I am trying one for the road at 08.50 this is lower end of my LVN zone
ending with a fury...beautiful retest of that 30 minute low and back to longer term poc's on the monthly and weekly charts.....