ES Monday 11-3-14

here's how I see it and my current trade....good odds we will test either 2018 or 2003 and so far it seems 2018 is more likely......but keep in mind the high probability of testing the Overnight midpoint....try to also keep in mind that strength on Friday can spill over into Monday early on so a higher open and trade near 2013 - 1014.50 can be our sell point also.....tricky part of Friday is that we spent all the time inside the IB and made a bell bigger traders didn't extend the range after the big gap it is possible that we might see weakness later on especially if we clean up the all time highs made in last Fridays overnight session...I am not bullish up here in general...
I am creating a zone also at 16.50 - 2019.50 and i would not want time to build above there if my selling idea is going to work up in that zone...lets get that O/N midpoint once rth opens and call it a day.....

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target for me is 2011.50 and then final will try for center of bell and pivot point at 2009 area...this is also O/N VPOC/ it seems that we need to watch 09 - 11.50 close if we are doing additional trades outside of the upper fade ideas I mentioned....I'm just trying to get one right and call it a day
I started RTh shorts at 14.50 and will also be taking shorts above the O/N high and the 2018 - I have three different areas that are close by to each other....11.75 is now first target just in case they goof with us at that O/N midpoint
I too had started short from 14.5 but chickened out and got out at 12. Gave up 2 ticks for no reason than fear, but oh well. If I had a runner, I too would have held till 9.5
I think you did the right thing's always best to come out heavy at a first target and then hope that maybe u can get far today has tested the range and the VA high from sure doesn't seem like it is trading with much gusto up here....

This sure looks more like a mean reversion day so far even if we make new highs on the day...if trading for that 09 area then it might be best to wait until we get back inside the range of friday after test of the open print
it tested the 30 min VPOC pretty darn quickly after touching 17...
trying one last short from 15.50...runners got stopped..on first campaign...I wanted to wait for 10 am report to finish
too quick o post ...taking that On midpoint,....,.,actually the 11.75 fill and will try to hold...Ideally I would have liked that report to make new all time highs... and get that over me that increases the odds that we might still see yet another test up today buyt I hope not...watching to see if they can hold back away from that 14.50 order for runners to get that 09 area
we did make new ath bruce...2017 vs 2016.75 o/n high from last week
that's it for me...2008.50 is final for me.........I think they are going for 2003 eventually but I have no ammo or patience.......that is the S1 and 1/2 probability band today...good luck if u r holding....ideally anyone holding would want to watch what happens on any retest to 2011...that is VA high of friday and also the 30 minute single print area now.......getting back above there and building time would obviously be no good for the 2003 concept
u r correct APK....I had my Mp chart scaled improperly and couldn't see it...thanks///