ES Tuesday 12-9-14

How I see it...late today had video problems ...key zones are really the 37 - 38.50....using 42 area as a first target for longs......then 48- 50.50 is next BIG key area.....I donot trust that LVN as mentioned on the video off my weekly my plan is to come out even faster on targets in that zone watch upper edge at 44.75 area too..
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

nice videos Bruce thanks
thanks apk.....I always seem to need refreshers on the basics and sometimes get off on too many tangents when analyzing price action......interesting that they are able to push back to yesterdays lows and trying to leave two sets of single prints behind so far..If I was trading now I would expect a retest of the second set of singles as it is also S1 today and near the Va low from 12-1.....I'd also be concerned that the breakaway from todays developing bell is strong so no doubt I would have some real conflicts on taking shorts up here too....another of many reasons I just usually am a poor trader outside the 90 minute window....I mess myself up too much ...
51 is also weekly VA low from 2 weeks some will want to see if they can stay inside that value area...seems ripe for a test anyway,,so the first thing we would need to see is to have price get back out from YD lows..
this is third thrust higher and over one hour in one direction....seems like a very strange time to push one way.....certainly surprising me...trying a small short at 57.75 as we have 5 wide tpos's from YD here...I can just here Dalton..." don't fight one time framing "...but he'd also be saying " value is building lower so we run the risk of a later day correction down "...yeah..that's what I want.. ;
look at tpo chart from YD and price of 57.75 - 58.75...a cool little cluster...
trying to see if I can get 55.50..that would be single print edge for this period
if we close at 2 pm above 55.50 it will be three sets of single prints on the chart......a low probability of staying like that for the day but it does happen...we don't want to be blind ( to price risk) , broke and stupid just because of a probability !!!
just exited last at 54 even...I knew that hitting yesterdays lows might cause another battle and was hoping it would just sell off more but it didn't and popped back into range....even though we probably still need to test a previous 30 minute low ( the infamous bracket test during a trend) I can't see the point in trying to hold this......I look at my profiles two ways...the " normal " way and then I also split them out so I can see price clusters better...that 57.75 - 58.85 doesn't show as well for me the "Normal " way...u can still see it but to me not as clear as a split profile shows them I really am done for my boss/wife has real jobs for me around here......hope all play well from here