ES Tuesday 12-9-14

How I see it...late today had video problems ...key zones are really the 37 - 38.50....using 42 area as a first target for longs......then 48- 50.50 is next BIG key area.....I donot trust that LVN as mentioned on the video off my weekly my plan is to come out even faster on targets in that zone watch upper edge at 44.75 area too..
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didn't have time and wasn't organized enough today but look at daily chart of 11-20....look at big buying tail that runs up to that 42 area where those multiple tpo's in On are...let me know if you can't see it and I will post later or babble later when I have more I think it would be best to use 42.75 - 44 as another zone ! single prints up there from that day too
i consider this a blow through of the I expect retest back up into 37 - 38.75 from below and hopefully higher
hanks for your comments Bruce

did anyone happen to notice where the overnight break in price occurred?

at last week's Low.

thanks Paul...if you bring up a monthly TPO chart you will see that November has it's POC of time at the tic !!!
thanks, Bruce.

I am not really superstitious, but gaps greater than like 12 points pretty much put me off trading for the day.
yeah, I think most opportunities have come and gone and we are inside the Ib and all volume is creating a bell curve today so I would expect tests back and forth through the 39.75 - 40.50 until they break away in search of new value...for me I wouldn't want them to spend time above 44 that would increase the odds that they WON'T come back down for that 39.75 - 40.50 I may try one last small short from 42.50...this would be only short trade today...a good day overall though
Some ramble about ranges and value in relation to today's trading.....back to basics ideas in play...
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Great Video Bruce
thanks for the good words Sharks...many of us ( myself included) get caught up in merging profiles and trying to find the best clusters etc that we sometimes forget the basics... many just watch single days for ideas and "levels".......also some will look at weekly ranges and value areas and some monthly...some quarterly etc.....right now they are seeing if they can get back into the range of 12-01 which also happens to be last weeks two levels of traders are probably watching that ( weekly and daily) and a failure to hold will drive back to 46.50 and lower.....the breakout point from todays coiling ...and a good breakout will try to push for 51 - 52.25 ....

I'm just an observer here...not my time of day for good trades.
the new yorker in me always thinks that most don't really know what the hell I am talking here is a quick vid to end my day about my comments above...hope all have a great day from here...
No video below? Try this link: rambling_still.swf I really am done for my boss/wife has real jobs for me around here......hope all play well from here