ES Monday 1-5-15

Here is how I see it.....traditionally a bullish day except the last few years haven't played it that way.....critical day I think today........"b" pattern on Friday....are the bears growing tired ? Will they go get the new highs or will further selling have us closing under the 50 day ma on the SPX today?.....

No video below? Try this link: monday_new_year.swf

gonna add to this post in a minute

more babble and greenie analysis

No video below? Try this link: more_babble.swf

this market will come back to 2016.50 from 2 points or more below it !! ..
a TIME video to help u ( and me ) confirm areas with TIME...
No video below? Try this link: time.swf

good stuff as always Bruce. thank you very much for making these videos..
oh man...someone is voting us down again to start the new it because we didn't get it right with the initial plan today.....? Because my 42 magnet didn't work...? life just kills me sometimes....Luckily as a day trader and my heritage I have thick skin but c'mon.....somebody takes at least 20 minute or more to make just the video portions of their posts and ya vote them down....? I'd like to have a voting system that lets us know why we get voted down as it would help improve the content........

Ok, maybe I need a Johnny walker and water today......? this market is poised to revisit 26.75 and higher tomorrow I think....always the goal is to make money...much more important than being right.......'s too early in the year for me to be on my soap box.....!!
I am guessing DT has a way to know who voted down and then we could know if they did it by mistake? I have gotten a few down votes as well.

Do not despair Bruce, we truly do appreciate the time you take to make these videos. It helps confirm my numbers and plan.

Now only if i could transition from being a decent analyst to becoming a decent trader, my account would not be in the disarray it currently is in.

I have given a lot of money back to the market in the last 2 trading days and that is due to my inability to stop out in time.

in the quest of being right, i am losing money but then there is tomorrow and i really really need to learn my lesson.

would be awfully nice to have a neat johnny walker right about now so we are in agreement on that :)
Think of a down vote as a trade that didn't work out and you lost a bit of money on it. Your up votes are your positive trades. Then look at your net balance. Bruce, 131k+ and NewKid 1,710 and you'll see that your commentary has been extremely profitable.