ES Monday 1-5-15

Here is how I see it.....traditionally a bullish day except the last few years haven't played it that way.....critical day I think today........"b" pattern on Friday....are the bears growing tired ? Will they go get the new highs or will further selling have us closing under the 50 day ma on the SPX today?.....

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gonna add to this post in a minute

more babble and greenie analysis

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Today's bands. The 1 SD bands go nicely with the bands that Bruce pointed out. I have the same numbers on my radar as well.
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S1 is at 35 today and the 1.0 SD band based on 365 days was down some nice confluence ...I'm using 41.75 - 43 as my magnet zone today ...
i am not long yet and am wondering if i missed the train already...
Looking to buy 35.0 RTH, O/N low, Bruce's reference and may also line up as a pitbull #, depending where we open. Looking for 41 (Euro open) Good luck to all.
starting second try on longs from 33 ...looking to get back to 35.25 and 37.25
so far the POC/VAL from 12/18 are holding up..
still expecting 37.25 but they may need to test under 29- 30 first......just small wins today so far ...runners going nowher
starting longs agin from 28.75....targeting 33
30-min VPOC @ 29. It shifted down constantly through the first 30-min period
added at 26 and targeting 29.75 now
Think of a down vote as a trade that didn't work out and you lost a bit of money on it. Your up votes are your positive trades. Then look at your net balance. Bruce, 131k+ and NewKid 1,710 and you'll see that your commentary has been extremely profitable.