ES Monday 1-5-15

Here is how I see it.....traditionally a bullish day except the last few years haven't played it that way.....critical day I think today........"b" pattern on Friday....are the bears growing tired ? Will they go get the new highs or will further selling have us closing under the 50 day ma on the SPX today?.....

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gonna add to this post in a minute

more babble and greenie analysis

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statistically we donot see only one tpo print on a weekly breakout or even though we don't know when it will happen we can expect at least one other tpo to print at last weeks low....of course that only needs to happen sometime before fridays close !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tryingto hold runners for that 33 area greenie retest again and then last weeks low but all that may be wishful thinking and a hard hold for me
i do like how they can't hold under the low of the week that began on 12-15
they filled in the singles on the week of 12/15. after that, it is a rather large gap down to 12.25
seems a bit early in the week to be hitting weekly s1 at 27.25....trying one last set of longs at 27 now....magnet price is now 29.25
besides that weekly low and this s1 area I have 2019 - 2022.50 as one other area of possible support but will need to see what happens when IB finishes...hoping we can get above that 29.25 and start getting a move up...I'd like 60 minute close to be above there too
29.25 is still the magnet on any longs under IB low...ideal would be to see them get to single prints and greenie near 22 area but they might not be so nice......still that would be a better place to try longs
gonna try small from 21.75....if very wrong here they could push to 2016 and I want no part of will be IB low...
gonna use 25 as target...not full Ib test....still not a great long yet
18.75 is my uncle point here
Think of a down vote as a trade that didn't work out and you lost a bit of money on it. Your up votes are your positive trades. Then look at your net balance. Bruce, 131k+ and NewKid 1,710 and you'll see that your commentary has been extremely profitable.