ES Tuesday 01-06-2015

Bands for 1/6. The daily S1 number is close to the 0.5 SD band so it will be interesting if the market gets that low.

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This is a weekly view. Notice how they filled that rather large gap today and then went below it a bit but did not spend much time there
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Numbers/zones that I am looking at today.

2001.5 - 2003.75
also 2011.5
mine are mostly the same.....expecting On midpoint to print in RTh due to failure yesterday....Blue lines are VA highs and lows....that 2014 is the big magnet...didn't include 2021 only because I wanted to limit the number of areas I trade from...under Yd lows I have 2007 and 2003...when lines are within 2 points it becomes a zone to me
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they have been defending 14.5 so far successfully and I cannot make up my mind whether to go long from there for the O/N mid pt or wait to see if it breaks below and tries testing it again. Current VWAP is close to the O/N mid pt as well and we have been oscillating between that and the 14.5

the more i think about it, i should probably wait to find a better place to get in. hopefully we open farther away from 2017 so we can try to get it
in general I have a bullish bias even though I will still use my lines......I think we need to go back up to 2026.75 and 38.25 before the week is over
I'm using that 2014 - 15 as an initial magnet and will be watching pitbull numbers closely today to see if they line up.
I'd like to see them push into the 19.50 number first before 14-15 gets tested
so you are looking to get short around the 19.5 zone?
yes but it didn't hit so I sold the OR low ...didn't get much but hoping to see that 19.50 print in's still a greenie for me
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so you are looking to get short around the 19.5 zone?
thanks for the video Bruce. i am picking up a couple of things from you