ES Tuesday 01-06-2015

Bands for 1/6. The daily S1 number is close to the 0.5 SD band so it will be interesting if the market gets that low.

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i bought at 15 and sold short of the greenie at 19... could not get short at the open.
IMO, the PP at 22 is likely to hit soon
well, so much for my opinion, LOL
coming out heavy at 16.25..with a bit of luck we may get 4 pm close but greenies can act as attractors more than once.....we also didn't hit pivot they may want 22 area.....just some concerns on this fade....
if the 14.75 greenie does not hold up, they will try testing the VAL at 11.5 so i would consider going Long there.

Getting long at 14.75 again is higher risk for me
flat at 14.50...that was a lucky trade and this is bell curve I wait to see what happens at 23 - 24 or may try very small at the VA lows near 2011 if it comes........
longs at VAL?
bulls defending that VPOC from YD very strongly. will be interesting to see if it holds up
well it's probably best to be satisfied and not over trade...if we start on one side of the bell curve ( like today...the upper side ) and then go down to opposite side ( the lower side - which we haven't done yet) then longs would be more aggressive in general....there is only so many times they will go back and forth through the bell curve center before seeking new value...just my two cents
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longs at VAL?
Currently the 30-min VPOC is at 16
thanks for the video Bruce. i am picking up a couple of things from you