ES Tuesday 01-06-2015

Bands for 1/6. The daily S1 number is close to the 0.5 SD band so it will be interesting if the market gets that low.

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30-min VPOC already hit on the open of the 2nd bar. The battle continues.

I am on babysitting duties for the rest of the day so I will be out. Good luck to all who continue trading!
i'd like to see 96 - 98.50 hold for retests up to 2003 again and maybe even 2007
ltn of time at 96 if u look at a monthly chart !! nuff said..nobody here this year !!
my greenie at 2003 was cheated .....I'm planning on having them come back up for that again...I'd say 93 % of the time greenies work like that...and 7 % we will loose on it...
if this trade fails then they have 90 - 92.50 on their radar and possibly even 87.50.....hope not ...lots of singles above
watching 97.50 close now....we need to get above and not do the flip back down from that number...otherwise this long needs to be covered and take the small loss....if we are to roll back down it could happen from here now
1 sd band based on 365 and 4 pm close is 1996.75...interesting spot
We touched 1984.50 which was a HVN on a Composite chart, lots of volume at this price, amazing the bounce right at this area
here's how I saw that sharks even though I didn't trade video is about greenies but diverged into weekly tpo overlap and mentioned the tpo off a weekly that goes nicely with your area...
No video below? Try this link: greenies.swf

thanks for the video Bruce. i am picking up a couple of things from you