ES Friday 1-9-15

The bands for today.

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got the 30-min VPOC! pretty cool again. i did not take the trade as i deemed it to be too risky due to momentum, but regardless, very cool!

would have been a nice 6.5 point trade if one took it!
here is yesterdays LTN......low time node at 44.75.......look at the perfect test into that today....that was also single prints on standard MP 30 minute chart...just pointing it out for reference
they got all the singles back from YD..
Aladdin must be happy somewhere. 2 consecutive days of Open Drives...
the current low looks like a bad low to me but the market has moves so much away from it, i wonder if they take it out before end of the day
i still dont know whether to consider that a double bottom or a bad low. can someone explain the difference between the 2 to me?
this is the picture i am talking about. look at the area in the red circle
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