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ES Tuesday 1-20-15

Since the cash market was not open On Monday you would be using the same Vix values to calculate the bands from Fridays session .....although weekly Pivot numbers will be valid it is always a gray area to me whether one should look at the daily pivot numbers generated from Mondays session. I tend to look at it almost like an overnight session. There was no Overnight midpoint retest on Friday so I think better odds for a retest on Tuesday even though they did one in Mondays shortened session.

The big question for me is " Was Friday real buying or just a reaction to options expiration and people covering shorts ?".we only had elongation in part of the last 45 minutes or so and the rest of the day had loads of back and fill to it......look at your one minute charts.......I think the distribution from 1-12 will hold the key as we go forward so watch that day closely for a stopping point or a go/no go level ....

I have taken some creative liberties here and combined the inside bars on the 30 minute from Friday...see pic ....I left monday's session on the chart and you can also see the final 45 minute from Friday and how it created the "P" can see the bells clearer and it also shows the back and forth trade I am talking about....the video goes over all the other key levels I'm watching....I still think we need to resolve some areas on the downside but will formulate a better plan once I see what happens in Monday overnight session

I may not have mentioned it on the video but below that big bell at 95 I'd also watch 89.50 - 91 if they can push that far in the next day or two

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inside 30

No video below? Try this link: Tuesday_zones.swf

there's mondays greeinie and O/N midpoint... a real beauty !!
now fridays high and that greenie would really complete things
that was awesome. great execution Bruce. my nerves got the better of me and so i took a much smaller win but 23 was the area i was thinking about and should have entered as well.
they got the weekly PP
a look at how the lines look....same ones from video.....perfect hit into that line near 23

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all targers acquired. good call bruce!
VPOC just shifted from 22.5 to 14
thanks New kid...that's it for me...holding one to see if I can get down to 09.50 but they may monkey with fridays high a no real clue...anyone new to bell curves should look at the 1-12 bell curve and have a weekly one minute time chart up ( for RTH of last week) as per the video so you can see these centers of bells..
Originally posted by NewKid

that was awesome. great execution Bruce. my nerves got the better of me and so i took a much smaller win but 23 was the area i was thinking about and should have entered as well.
some go for the gold....we go for the GREEN !!!!
Originally posted by NewKid

all targers acquired. good call bruce!
that shift to 14 tells you that they are battling possibly at Fridays that vpoc shift confirms a line u can see on the careful there
2005 ended up being the VPOC for the day and they put a big ol greenie right there..
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