ES Wednesday 1-28-15

Here's how I see it and a still shot below for those who prefer not to hear me ramble
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

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got it. thanks for setting me straight!

Originally posted by BruceM

coming out on finals at 24 even.......not worth trying to get the extra .50 pts on this...also came out on most at 21 close is very watch that 24 area for clues if u still want to play
anyone holding longs now would want to see 20 - 21 turn into support to have a chance to go back to the 28.50 / LTN low...I gotta run ..c ay
one for the is how the lines are playing out so far today ...I'm posting this so some can see what happens if you take trade off the highs of low bars when u hit support ....or sell the low of that high bar at the top....remember...we buy highs of low bars when we drop down to them from many tries would you take at your lines becore you get just one to run ??? Notice at the 26.71 line you never get trade above the high of any of the low bars at that line .....!!! very cool !!
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