ES Wednesday 1-28-15

Here's how I see it and a still shot below for those who prefer not to hear me ramble
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i think the 27 greenie is turning into resistance rather than support
ok, so those greenies premarket are from yesterdays RTH VPOC shifts
i expect a retest back up into 28.50 but not trading for it....they blew through that area too easy and they should come back up for it.....
thanks for the education, I always learn something from u guys
i had 38.75 from Monday and then 27 from yesterday. both RTH
correct...the once I show are day session we had greenies from yesterdays session and also some still left over from fridays session...and if u look closely there is a greenie from yesterday at least on my IB data there 24.50 - 26.50 would be a good zone to try longs if YOU think the 28.50 needs to be tested...i'm sitting out...fed day now and framing to do for my my knee wall doors...LOL !!! !!
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ok, so those greenies premarket are from yesterdays RTH VPOC shifts
here is a picture that should help. look at the 4 horizontal lines that i have marked off on top of the greenies
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greenies it... any untouched VPOC is a greenie...and to be looked at as a area of interest...and 28.50 is ?? not a greenie but a ??? LVN or prev days close? why do u say it needs to be tested or might be tested?
here is yesterday and today...note green lines at 24.50 and 26.75 from yesterday...toady we have a bunch above the market up at 31.50, 34.25 and shows how the volume stepped down so far...greenies aren't perfect by any means but they do become strong attractors.....they paused at 26.60 but blew through 24.50.....that will be retested a very high percent of the time........and for the record I am well aware that the 28.50 has been retested and we are 8 points under that now....
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24.50 would be a big magnet for me....the 26 had a stall and a slight retest but nothing great
one for the is how the lines are playing out so far today ...I'm posting this so some can see what happens if you take trade off the highs of low bars when u hit support ....or sell the low of that high bar at the top....remember...we buy highs of low bars when we drop down to them from many tries would you take at your lines becore you get just one to run ??? Notice at the 26.71 line you never get trade above the high of any of the low bars at that line .....!!! very cool !!
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