ES Thursday 2-5-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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my ib has time and vpoc from first 30 minute at 45.25
if runners fail here I will take one last try from 53.50 - 55 but it will have to be a good signal with trade below low of high bar in that zone.....just in case they decide to blow through it
Its been holding VWAP all day lets see if it can get thru that.
this seems like low volume so far and I still show an air pocket under that 48 low.....don't trust this rally....which probably means that the moonshot UP really is coming ...ha !!...I'm not loving that one minute double high be better if they could clean that up and look for new campaign ...double high on one minute is less important to me than one of 5 minute or 30 minute but it's still there to be thinking about....if volume doesn't come in soon we should mean revert back...eventually to our 39 .50 target today...this sure seems like the fakeout but maybe it's ME who they are faking out
leaving small gaps in my Ib data often helps me gauge the volume commitment or lack of...but sometimes that lack of volume can mean that someone is saving their ammo for the atomic thrust !!
This could be the atomic thrust
right up my@$$
will take breaks of low of high bar at Ib breakout ( if u could call this a breakout up to 55) will take multiple small tries to end my day today...Only disappointment was that we didn't get the 42.75 retest on runners earlier......lets make that two disappointments...they haven't filled in air pocket under 48 either...

must keep in mind that even though volume is way off we are one time framing up
so I don't mind taking 3- 4 small .75 -one point losses to try and get just one of them right
what I try to do is trade enough so if I take a small loss first time then next try goes to make up that loss and then I try to hold...then I can try again if they make new highs and keep doing that until I get one to work........

In hindsight, my answer to your question should have been the following:

We have been 1 time framing higher for the past 2 days and we are bouncing off the low of an ~20 day trading range with the next target at 2061. With that information in mind and based on the O/N trading, I will continue to look at the market and see if value is higher today and if we continue 1 time framing higher. I need the market to tell me otherwise.

I know that this does nothing for you now since it is after the fact but for my selfish reason of learning, I needed to share that. :)

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you are very bullish newkid....why ?