ES Thursday 2-5-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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I should have been more clear in that it isn't really ALL of tuesday that helped form this bell curve area but since we spent so much time yesterday within the UPPER part of tuesday then the bell formed....but u could also look at just yesterdays trade and get the bell curve
I have O/N greenies at 40.25 and 25.5 with one currently at 43.75
selling into 46 and small
try to use the 42.50 as an ultimate magnet then try to hold for that 39.50
i am short at 49.75 hanging on by the tips of my fingernails. target is 44, just above YD's VAH
30 min VPOC @ 50. Not very helpful
stopped out
starting next shorts at 51.50...looking for 48 retest...and hopefully lower...big greenie zone up here
so far that is two tries to push outside of yesterdays highs...i wouldn't want to see a third and then make new highs runners need this to roll over and hope those who have been trying to buy the breakout of YD highs are done and any further attempts will be weak and fail
i stopped myself out on a greenie... bad call on my part

In hindsight, my answer to your question should have been the following:

We have been 1 time framing higher for the past 2 days and we are bouncing off the low of an ~20 day trading range with the next target at 2061. With that information in mind and based on the O/N trading, I will continue to look at the market and see if value is higher today and if we continue 1 time framing higher. I need the market to tell me otherwise.

I know that this does nothing for you now since it is after the fact but for my selfish reason of learning, I needed to share that. :)

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you are very bullish newkid....why ?