ES Wednesday 2-25-15

Here are the basic areas so far

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new day
The bands for the day. Good luck to all
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Greenies for the day:

Weekly VPOC: 2096
Weekly POC: 2092.25
Will be buying 2108 RTH. 3 points below EURO IB low and around VAL.
on upside we have some nice confluence between daily r2 and weekly r2 at 24 - 26........weekly 1/2 sd band is there....todays pivot falls near classic POC so I am using 10.75 - 12.25 as the magnet ZONE today...I prefer to see trade up above 14 or more for first shorts or down into 06 - 08.50 for longs...that is last weeks 4 pm close, 1/2 sd band today and daily S1 today..and of course near our LTN and last weeks highs
i have 2108 to 2110 as a zone for buying because it lines up with VAL, O/N low and the previous all time highs of 08.75
Would also buy around 6.25 which was yesterday's pull back. i expect a lot of resistance at 8.75 so do not think they get to 6.25 right away
Is the paint dry yet? LOL!
Maybe my filter for large trade size is wrong, but right now, this is all onesey twosey I am not seeing very much activity in trade sizes of 80 or more contracts. Maybe they are waiting for the New Home Sales at 10am.

I'm not trading unless I see one minute volume get above 7500 on my one minute lower volume histogram.......just way too thin for me
I'm glad to here that you are noticing the same thing,,,unles large size is employing algos that is allowing their size to be disguised.
trying small from 09...not quite the volume I want and we are 7 minutes away from report.......targeting back up into magnet..ideally I'd like to try for above 2011
to me this is nothing more than going back to our key area from the chart up top....the magnet zone getting under that and failing on rallies would be more impressive to me...otherwise it all seems like just noise and could just keep coming back to the 2111- 2112.50....too late for me but hope it drops if that's what ya need it to do