ES Monday 3-9-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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another trade prematurely exited.... i got spooked when they moved into those singles.. i had faded at the anamoly
FWIW, I shorted at 80.75 on the first approach, took heat as the market continued moving up but hung in there expecting them to come back to the HVN. I got out at 79.75 whereas my original target was 78.75. would have been good to have a runner
my original premise was that they would get back to 75 area... so if i had runners, that is what i would have targeted
By keeping it simple and letting my wife push the buttons while I was out...the fade off 77 (5 points off open) and 83 (10 points off the open) worked sweet. Notice too how far those moves went, yup 5 points each (not that I target 5 points).

Good luck tomorrow!