ES Monday 3-9-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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magnet is working well but what about the midpoint ?? c'mon lets get a move on and drop this thing
I used plus 2.5 and was wathcing NDX on that entry
mikes Euro IB high is at midpoint !!!
I have greenies at 67.50.......only others for me are way up at 2092.....obviously would like to see the 67.50 greenies today
70.50 is best fill and trying to hold two...not taking chances on midpoint and my Mp chart that shows midpoint may be off a tic or two best to come out in front a targets if lucky will be 69.50 and 67.50...that magnet is really a pain in the ass when you aren't trading for it....LOL
poor high at 73
Nice trade Bruce and eye on Euro hi-LOL! I'm still waiting for a decent move to get long. (or short from 77)
ditto that... i was thnking of fading the O/N high but then indecision crept in and kept me out...
30 min VPOC @ 72
runners stopped again......trying again small at 74.75...but better plan is to see if they can push into that damn 76 area up above...73 is target
By keeping it simple and letting my wife push the buttons while I was out...the fade off 77 (5 points off open) and 83 (10 points off the open) worked sweet. Notice too how far those moves went, yup 5 points each (not that I target 5 points).

Good luck tomorrow!