ES Monday 3-9-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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concern on this fade is that too many sells have worked and first 30 minutes as per time is a nice bell breakingout of highs could accelerate.......but who really knows.....I'm like a super scalper today
IB had 73 as vpoc....didn't make much on that......flat and waiting for 76 if it can print
74.50 is now my magnet on any shorts at 76 and higher...short 76.25 and plan to add at 77.75 if it prints
my bigger take on what may be happening and why our weakness may be a bit delayed this morning
No video below? Try this link: monday_finale.swf

frustrating day so far... indecision and chop is getting to me today
I have prior committments so i have to go but similar read as Fri, short below unchanged might run down.1st target 66 handle

Good luck to all.
break out from Ib high runs right into the pivot and our key zone...may need to stay and play that one if it comes
well, I sold the Ib high into the pivot number but not sure I like that high so far
will try to get to 74.75 as first target anyway if lucky up here
there are only so many areas we can here is one that I missed and probably should have included.....but it's so close to the others....we can't get em this was an anomoly and then I show some divergence that is taking place....we still want trade to remain UNDER that key upper edge of 76.75 up the 79 spot...perhaps this divergence will play out finally.......

small pieces today but good enough
No video below? Try this link: one_last_thing.swf

By keeping it simple and letting my wife push the buttons while I was out...the fade off 77 (5 points off open) and 83 (10 points off the open) worked sweet. Notice too how far those moves went, yup 5 points each (not that I target 5 points).

Good luck tomorrow!