ES Tuesday 3-10-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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a quick video comparing volume and time.......helps distract me from micro managing runners
No video below? Try this link: comparing_volume_and_time.swf

hey lookie that... i learned something from Bruce! I was playing the numbers from 2/11 exactly like Bruce explained. I have even made my chart look like his, including colors!!

Thanks Bruce
long traders like me certainly should NOT be thrilled that we are building time in a Low time spot from 2-11.....normally you'd want to see swift rejecton.....the faster the better......but playing devils advocate we could also look at this as having a struggle to extend is just one big battle
if we cannot get much lower soon, the sellers could also get frustrated and start to cover.... obviously the longs could also start to liquidate... who knows
started new longs at 53 and will add under 52.50 at 51 is 55.50
weekly S1 and daily S3 at 52.5
coming out heavy at 55.50...secondary target on measly runners is 57...
love the way they pushed out the low of 2-11 and we have that HTN from the 10th just below with pivots numbers mixed into the stew...
that was a quick bounce off of 52.5!
trying new longs at new lows with plan to work at 51.50....if wrong here they will be pushing it to 48...55 is target again...Ib low may need to be pushed out so starting small
Crude has a picture perfect abc wedge almost to its 21ema on the hourly if anyone's still trading. Im trying to decide if the euro is going to take a breather tonight or continue its 50-80 pip overnight slide.