ES Tuesday 3-10-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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building volume at 60.25... there is no lift at all so far
measly runners stopped out....seems to be the case the last 8 trading days
will see if i can get in around 55.5
all 3 major index below 21 ema on daily
trying again from 55.75...plan is to add at under On low hopefully down near 53.50 if needed...targeting 58.50
revising target to 58.25
i got out at 57.5, developing LVN
current VPOC at 57. so we want the market to stay north of it and serve as support
two runners left for 60 even and new highs into last weeks lows...need 56.50 - 58 to turn into support now....
30 min VPOC @ 57
Crude has a picture perfect abc wedge almost to its 21ema on the hourly if anyone's still trading. Im trying to decide if the euro is going to take a breather tonight or continue its 50-80 pip overnight slide.