ES Tuesday 3-10-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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LOL I have bought calls and the price creep up till exp. and end up with a loss. But if you shorted the put you would have captured the premium
so far for me I'd always be a seller...but I'm still in training...the only way I would be a buyer would be an in the money call ( using a delta of . 70 - .80 ) and then sell a further up the ladder call against it to bring in some that sale helps pay for my call....limits my upside but I rarely can hold anything for too long anyway.... this option stuff is teaching me to have patience
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Bruce hows the selling options been? Do you prefer that to just buying calls?
Crude has a picture perfect abc wedge almost to its 21ema on the hourly if anyone's still trading. Im trying to decide if the euro is going to take a breather tonight or continue its 50-80 pip overnight slide.