ES Thursday 3-12-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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thanks everyone!
-5 lines up with Bruce's 42 level.
+5 gets us up the 52-54 area.
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-5 lines up with Bruce's 42 level.
a brief recap of an after the fact trade.... I'll call it the "return to the IB singles" trade...ok, maybe that's too long....didn't take it but here it is from YD
No video below? Try this link: brief_recap.swf

starting very small RTh shorts at 52 even....
rollover day
I think the better trade will come from up at 54 if they can push is only this is like scalping.....but 51 is a line that we will need to get under
putting core on at 53.50 print....
r2 was early today...i always trade closest month in first part of the roll
+5 Loser

will try again from +10
daily party ended at 58 today for me...I have no place for a stop and one point away from last target which is HTN for today...( actually 56.75 is exact high time price)...good luck if ya hang out