ES Thursday 3-12-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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a picture of my day session is 21 period is 3 sd's below and above....Red is two sd's above and below...need to distract so I don't react !!

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darn, i missed the entry by a tic......
not a great high so we gotta take that 59.50 while we at Ib high and a poor high....conflicts here still...which get taken out first ?? don't know and don't care...just wanted that 59.50
i was really hoping that they would have cleaned up that poor high before moving down but no dice seems only one of two things will happen at this 59....1) the buyers will come in and go clean up that high or 2 ) they fail and we can get secondary target at 57........not really sure and only holding one now...
turns out i was getting live data for the march contract but the historical data was coming in for the June contract and totally messed up my database... so weird
daily party ended at 58 today for me...I have no place for a stop and one point away from last target which is HTN for today...( actually 56.75 is exact high time price)...good luck if ya hang out