ES Thursday 3-12-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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yeah, thats what i hear shadowtrader talking most of the time;..... call spreads and put ratios... makes sense to do it because small amounts add up over time and like you said, you can always capture the occasional big move
if they take over that 58 then 61 - 63 would be the next battle ground.....I'm so glad it's past 11....a good day but and drives always are more challenging........seems to be an increase in Overnight midpoint failures.....but the day isn't over yet....if they can tag 52.50 at some time later then I may dip my toes back in on the short side but you may be right about the "P" formation.......
it sure seems now that the way they are holding over the R2 is a positive.....I guess many are confused.......just like me...conflicting pieces of to sit it out and wait for Ib high to run or the R2 to break down if u play at this time
there is just nothing... now they leave a poor high... the open looks more and more like a short squeeze and then everyone went away to either lick their wounds or count their money
I noticed on my Infinity Futures Sierra Charts (demo) they go to ESM5 even if I enter H5. Thinkorswim charts ok.
BruceM, who's software/chart are you using for Market Profile?
damn ..they left me no choice but to sell's one of my lines.......and this is key....big LVN is above this week..59.50 is target...lets see if they can make singles at Ib high and keep them ....hope not
Ib data and market delta...but I have Tos open too
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BruceM, who's software/chart are you using for Market Profile?
i was trying 61.75 but does not look i will get it
don't really want this too far above 63 if we fail on short up here...want to get out in front of potential IB high breakout point....just in case
daily party ended at 58 today for me...I have no place for a stop and one point away from last target which is HTN for today...( actually 56.75 is exact high time price)...good luck if ya hang out