ES Thursday 3-12-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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adding at 55.50 and targeting 53.25....
VPOC currently sits at 53 even
Of course +10 goes, w/o me-No fill.
I know they see that 58 above...needs to roll over now or I have to cover for the loss....54.75 is avergae price in
we are at Tuesdays LTN spot now.....if buying is to continue they will try to push back up from that spot on the chart on retest back down
took the loser at 56.25...starting again from 58.25
54.50 is ultimate target but will need to take something off at 56.25 if they give it
30 min VPOC @ 57.25
55 is best fill........we know they can't just blow through our numbers without the retest most times....but how about our 51...that would be really cool...gotta get below R2 for that to have a chance
I'd like to see that 57 hold back and upward pushes now....and just have this fall back
daily party ended at 58 today for me...I have no place for a stop and one point away from last target which is HTN for today...( actually 56.75 is exact high time price)...good luck if ya hang out