ES Tuesday 3-17-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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Feb VPOC/POC: 2083.5
March POC/VPOC: 2067/39
Weekly POC/VPOC: 2038.75/39
All time high: 2117.75

Bruce and Mike, great trading as always. I am going to have to cut down my posting during market opens because i am getting way too distracted with the forum and i am getting my ideas jumbled up. so i will pop in mid-morning/early afternoon to post my thoughts, if any. thanks for sharing as always. i am not as nimble as you guys and get distracted way too easily!
thanks for the good words Newkid and Pants...I like to think I've had a positive impact on helping others find their own way over the years but also need to branch out a bit to challenge alternate motive is that last summer ( or was it two summers ago?) I had planned to teach my oldest son day trading but now realize it will be much easier to teach him some predefined options trades based on probabilities instead of discretion.......he's good at order to do that I need to make sure I have some consistent setups in options and navigate through the TOS platform

well, I'll still be around and plan to post some charts etc........there really isn't much use in posting the actual trades and those aren't the posts that have the most impact's always about repeatable concepts......

perhaps in a few months I'll start an options journal here.....that might be fun although a bit boring...butI must say that the options stuff is really refreshing......

I sold a 46 call and a 40 put in front of Oracle earnings and I am actually hoping it goes against me as I need practice managing bad trades on shorter time frames,,,,,tomorrow I will be selling spreads in front of the fed minutes on the weekly spx to see if we get much volatility decay...ok, I'm rambling now...

as usually I'm always sending positive vibes to all who contribute and to all who just decide to lurk's all cool by me...Rock on !!
Good for you Bruce!

Your son will thank you a thousand times over if/when he gets the trading bug. Give a man a fish/teach a man to fish and all that good stuff.

Your vids and charts have opened my eyes a great deal as has big mike's posts. Appreciate the time you and everyone here takes to help others.

An options thread would be great. I'm dipping my toes in and having a tough time figuring out TOS with regards to what the margin requirements are etc. as well as grasping the nuances of getting out of a trade and when.