ES Tuesday 3-17-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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Feb VPOC/POC: 2083.5
March POC/VPOC: 2067/39
Weekly POC/VPOC: 2038.75/39
All time high: 2117.75

-5 from Y close doesn't seem to have much influence today. Will wait for +/-5 off open print.
here's how I see it...gonna be cutting back on Trading Vids...taking too long and options stuff is taking over a bit but hoping to keep posting some charts etc....going for midpoint and then expect to see some selling back into the LTN area below...I think that needs to be filled in...I'm on the 63.25 now but think better longs will come in RTH or after 9 a.m if we can hit 59.25 or 57 area
No video below? Try this link: tuesdayst_pats.swf

edit...what I think are the most important lines to be watching hard copy
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starting rth longs at 62 even,,,want to get back above YD value quickly...will try multiple small times at my key lines this just at single print edge is a good first place
cash is almost at 1/2 sd band on downside according to options market makers
taking most off at64.50........don't trust midpoint and center of that bell today
No gap fill in 1st 5M, weakness to me. Will go short below 1st 5M candle.
Would also sell 68-69 whichever comes 1st
best for me was that 66 center...flat now and not planning on doing much else
-5 worked great. i used it as my exit and couldn't get long in time. Done for the day too Bruce.

Options wise, i have an Iron fly on in TLT (bonds) Sold 126 put and call. Bought the 116 and 136 wings. Flat now, April expiration

Good luck to all.
Mike and guys are the tops...great stuff!!!
Good for you Bruce!

Your son will thank you a thousand times over if/when he gets the trading bug. Give a man a fish/teach a man to fish and all that good stuff.

Your vids and charts have opened my eyes a great deal as has big mike's posts. Appreciate the time you and everyone here takes to help others.

An options thread would be great. I'm dipping my toes in and having a tough time figuring out TOS with regards to what the margin requirements are etc. as well as grasping the nuances of getting out of a trade and when.