ES Wednesday 4-29-15

All On inventory is short........key numbers/zones for me are

94 - 96 and 98 - 99....two zones very close buy..... these are single prints and S1 and daily and weekly VA lows.......

02.50- 04.50 is magnet zone that is current weekly VPOC on my data and daily pivot

I am buying off S1 right now and only trying to get back to 98 first...

yesterday was "P" profile so be careful with the gap lower in case YD was nothing more than short covering and they want to go lower quickly...especially on an open out of value and drive down quickly

Overnight midpoint sits way above......I think the biggest hurdle today will be 2102.50 !!!!!!!!
so expecting 95.75 retest !!
and here is where internals can be wrong or right and mess ya up anyway....all internals are not making new lows with the does this mean we will rally ? No.....and I have seen internals lag big as much as I would like the internals to "work" because i am long, I certainly wouldn't count on them..!!
my targets are 95 and 96 from 93.50 longs and 92.75 longs....YD had a nice 30 minute Vpoc in that selling tail at 92.75...ok self talk is over...need to go back under my Options rock !!
NQ has taken out the 3 previous days low. The weekly range is still small, even for Wednesday.
Its been a really good moving day today in the us index's, considering its fed day......
well joe , I voted ya up but I'm afraid there aren't that many hanging at mypivots lately........seems this market may be wanting 2110.25 as a magnet...30 minute vpoc test complete but who can hold through fed announcements....not that's why the options become more attractive.......

hey do u still use $ vold and some of the stuff we use to post about in the old days ??? how about internals....", anyone, anyone....Bueller !!! "
No I almost use nothing I used to bruce. I just stumbled across this question by accident. If its going up I buy, if it crosses a horizontal level (level depends on time frame and instrument traded) and closes I go long one tick above. I also do a lot of work with hand drawn charts. And I see bowls everywhere now. They seem to be as close to 100% as I have ever seen.
I used to have a mega monster lighting fast computer with 8 screens. now I have 1 screen in a quite office to scalp during news and I do the bulk of my trades off my android constantly. with nothing but old fashioned hand drawn 3.25 hour rth charts charts lol. Don't know what it is but I update my hand drawn charts and I keep up with news and place trades through my phone. If I watch every tick I screw up. I hardly every trade the ES unless im stuck in Ym or NQ and see a good scalp. I mostly trade Fx I make way over 3k rt trades per month. I have no idea why im babbling just a cruddy day I guess.