ES Wednesday 4-29-15

All On inventory is short........key numbers/zones for me are

94 - 96 and 98 - 99....two zones very close buy..... these are single prints and S1 and daily and weekly VA lows.......

02.50- 04.50 is magnet zone that is current weekly VPOC on my data and daily pivot

I am buying off S1 right now and only trying to get back to 98 first...

yesterday was "P" profile so be careful with the gap lower in case YD was nothing more than short covering and they want to go lower quickly...especially on an open out of value and drive down quickly

Overnight midpoint sits way above......I think the biggest hurdle today will be 2102.50 !!!!!!!!
On va low goes well with POC from YD so if you are still long I wouldn't be a pig up here....weekly POC is 07 also !!
2105 is 30 minute vpoc so I will look for one more long campaign ( two tries)and call it a day ...ideally I'd like to see support come in at 01 - 02.5 to get that long going but will probably try also near YD VA open and drive back into value doesn't want price to come back out of Value for too taking that Va low again would not be a good sign for longs
took one loss and trying again from new lows as S1 is nearby...trying for 02 area and if lucky the 05 retest but this is a very high risk long IMHO....failure on this may see price drop to 94.50 quickly .....and I don't want that....value is building lower than yD and the poc stopped price shorts are obviously winning
$ticks still can't get above ZERO.....!! could be trouble here
selling put spreads that expire at tomorrows close.....apk....that is the kind of stuff I am doing with some parts of my options....sold 2080 and bought 2075...just in case.......and obviously will manage then so if wrong I won't have a total will have to drop 27 points from here for me to lose all....certainly could I keep a close watch on my basket !!!
adding to long at 96...I want to see retest of 98 there and weekly va not have a good feel for this down here and think this too may be a clunker
the only thing that is good is that they are respecting known reference points...Like the VA low, the POC/ pivot and now possibly the S1 level....doesn't seem to imply big traders are here... clunker for me..nice retest ...$ticks trying to firm up and most days that don't see extreme buying or selling we see a/d line return to ZERO but we are in no way out of the woods yet...and could certainly just crumble......IB is in ...It will be interesting to see if we can get a close on 30 minute back above YD va set up a run to much higher levels....
for what it's worth all internals seem to be improving but I have yet to find any source that really makes sense from internals...if ANYONE has seen anybody consistently use internals to trade well then please post some info here or shoot me an email.......It seems many vendors have great ideas from the left side of the chart and give a lot of double talk from the right side of the chart.......

my best exit is back at the pivot and holding one just in case.....I will watch to see if a/d line can get back to zero and exit if that happens...other wise I will find some place to trail this.......30 minute rule players may push to other side of VA if real lucky....nuff said...c ya
single prints being left off of IB low so I'm buying under Buying tail edge from yestedray which is last weeks POC
I used to have a mega monster lighting fast computer with 8 screens. now I have 1 screen in a quite office to scalp during news and I do the bulk of my trades off my android constantly. with nothing but old fashioned hand drawn 3.25 hour rth charts charts lol. Don't know what it is but I update my hand drawn charts and I keep up with news and place trades through my phone. If I watch every tick I screw up. I hardly every trade the ES unless im stuck in Ym or NQ and see a good scalp. I mostly trade Fx I make way over 3k rt trades per month. I have no idea why im babbling just a cruddy day I guess.