IS anybody OUT THERE ES Tues 7-7-15

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Hey Daltonites, and Market profilers in general... have you ever looked at the overnight profiles for clues as to the following RTH?

For instance,
Look at the overnight profile coming into today's RTH.. It tested above Thursday's RTH H and was rejected.

If we end the overnight with a close near the lows of the overnight, does this mean it is more likely for us to get a probe lower (in the RTH) before anything to the upside can unfold? I'm asking. I'm watching to see what happens. I think there is more to the overnight than anyone gives credit. (I just don't know all the rules)

Is this a day that has to see the POC tested before upside can unfold, or will the overnight Low (which was near the VAH of yesterday) stand?

Post something... ANYTHING Just to prove you visited.... or are you suffering from flashbacks because you were at a 4th of July concert in Chicago this past weekend?
Good morning Paul. How come you are in the quotes section? :)

I do plan on starting to post again as I am back at my trading desk (for real this time) and hope to get more consistent
I do plan on taking note of where the RTH ends, in terms of which quarter of the range and then couple that with the O/N action on where it occurs with respect to RTH and in which quarter of the range it closes in. I agree that should provide an insight into the market
Paul, I would say that so far YD's value has been rejected in O/N so far and also we did not have the O/N mid-pt test YD in RTH so i expect at least an initial thrust up to get the test and then perhaps if we break O/N low, then go for YD's VPOC
greenies at 62, 72.5/75.5... if i were trading, i would try them out as support/resistance
All I did was go into most recent post and then opt for a new topic... I didnt know where I was. I guess I should have gone to the last ES post and used New Topic there.
no worries, i am sure we can have DT move it..... O/N inventory is almost 100% long (except for what happens between now and open) so that adds to the likelyhood of a move down.... that 62 greenie is starting to look ripe..
tiny bounce off of 62 so far...
I'd say that for today anyway, the overnight rejection of a previous RTH H pointed to lower prices in the RTH.

If no one other than New Kid posts in the next 5 minutes, this will be my last post of the day. (No offense, New Kid, but if it's just the two of us, what's the point?
NK, what do you have for last week's VAL?
i too wish that more folks would post but with Bruce not posting much, people do not seem to have much interest. Bruce's posts have always been more helpful than mine so i can see that..... but just wish others would post too...

anyways, to answer your question Paul.... I see 56 is the time based VAL and 55.75 as volume based.... so good confluence there... i see the bounce off of it in RTH
The current climate makes me completely unwilling to try anticipating support or resistance. I've found simply trading with the trend to be much more profitable.