IS anybody OUT THERE ES Tues 7-7-15

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Hey Daltonites, and Market profilers in general... have you ever looked at the overnight profiles for clues as to the following RTH?

For instance,
Look at the overnight profile coming into today's RTH.. It tested above Thursday's RTH H and was rejected.

If we end the overnight with a close near the lows of the overnight, does this mean it is more likely for us to get a probe lower (in the RTH) before anything to the upside can unfold? I'm asking. I'm watching to see what happens. I think there is more to the overnight than anyone gives credit. (I just don't know all the rules)

Is this a day that has to see the POC tested before upside can unfold, or will the overnight Low (which was near the VAH of yesterday) stand?

Post something... ANYTHING Just to prove you visited.... or are you suffering from flashbacks because you were at a 4th of July concert in Chicago this past weekend?
I have 54.75 for yesterday's VAL, this is an area that could produce something, even if it is only a noise bounce (I figure noise at 3 pts.)
good call Paul.... got a small bounce off of it.... when prices go from one extreme of the previous VA to the other, you do tend to see a bounce more often than not... which is what we saw today after opening near YD's VAH and driving down..
57.75 noise bounce printed,
I'm done for posting today especially since no one else showed up in the 5 minutes I mentioned above.

Good Luck only to New Kid (LOL)
no one even know we're here, NK
good luck Paul... i do plan on being around everyday regardless of who posts while holding out hope that others will come eventually :)
but i have to get going in a bit myself so it might not be today.

in words of Dalton.... thats an awful lot of single prints in the first 30 minutes.... expect some to be taken back
The current climate makes me completely unwilling to try anticipating support or resistance. I've found simply trading with the trend to be much more profitable.