ES Thursday 5/5/16

How I am framing it out today. I wanted to share part of a private message I received recently which really sums up how we all should be looking at trading ideas shared by others.

" I am of the belief that we should trade what we are comfortable with and not push our ideas on each other. I tried copying your trading style and failed at it. But I learned from it and adopted some of your style, combined it with a few other things and made it my own."

This is what trading eventually becomes for all of us. We borrow ( like I have ) and come up with our own ways of interpreting data. A way that fits our personality. I certainly don't expect to trade like anyone else and wouldn't want anyone to trade like I do. Getting comments like this is so rewarding because I know in some way I have helped someone on their journey the same way that others have helped me ( and still do ) ! This quote captures the true spirit of our ES threads. Trading is made very complex by some but to me it comes down to buying and selling in predetermined areas, taking losses and profits and not giving up.

I have some other comments that have been brought to my attention about the Kane situation so I am hoping to get to those later but will not be done on these threads. I said I wouldn't respond to him directly and I won't but I want to address anyone's concerns that I have known for a while , care about and whose opinions matter to me.
No video below? Try this link: ES_5-5-16.swf

I believe it was Paul who said that 78% of the time a new low between 1-2 pm will be followed by lower lows.......I think he got that from somebody or another forum...never tested it myself but will be interesting to watch.....the MONTHLY SITYS numbers are at 1978 and up at 2139......I wonder where the big money is placing their bets...raining again here so I may try small shorts as long as 45 - 46 can hold any rallies and just use price action on shorts
a good study would be how often do we hit three floor trader numbers like we did today....or even two numbers ! S1 today is also the weekly S1 ...simplicity at work.....I didn't buy it though...just an fyi
can't chase this as we have low time at 44 are and they blew through a POC will try from those two areas and small...first target will be 42.25 if given the chance...just two small tries and will keep this tight as this is certainly not my time of day to trade...will NOT average in on these either
only took the one trade for a small win but good enough I guess 44 - 45 is still a key zone but I'm not looking to give anything back... c ya in the morning