ES Thursday 5/5/16

How I am framing it out today. I wanted to share part of a private message I received recently which really sums up how we all should be looking at trading ideas shared by others.

" I am of the belief that we should trade what we are comfortable with and not push our ideas on each other. I tried copying your trading style and failed at it. But I learned from it and adopted some of your style, combined it with a few other things and made it my own."

This is what trading eventually becomes for all of us. We borrow ( like I have ) and come up with our own ways of interpreting data. A way that fits our personality. I certainly don't expect to trade like anyone else and wouldn't want anyone to trade like I do. Getting comments like this is so rewarding because I know in some way I have helped someone on their journey the same way that others have helped me ( and still do ) ! This quote captures the true spirit of our ES threads. Trading is made very complex by some but to me it comes down to buying and selling in predetermined areas, taking losses and profits and not giving up.

I have some other comments that have been brought to my attention about the Kane situation so I am hoping to get to those later but will not be done on these threads. I said I wouldn't respond to him directly and I won't but I want to address anyone's concerns that I have known for a while , care about and whose opinions matter to me.
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stopped out as I typed that one.....they are funny today......bastards...LOL! so two good trades and not going for a third ...I'll leave that for somebody else
it's all good Newkid.....people should post when they feel inspired but I also understand that many prefer to be lurking and that is fine too....all cool by me...I'd like to take a third try at the longs but just can''t do it........your 30 minute vpoc is gonna help those who tried again and I hope it keeps on running this time up to the 53.50 for two reasons....the first so you folks make more $$$ and the second so I can say
"see, I told ya so " just as my 7 year old would say it ......!

Originally posted by NewKid

Bruce, I dont want you to feel that you are the only one posting. I want to post but nothing much to contribute here so I will keep trying. Thanks for the great work.
i be buying the rat at 43.75..after the fact i did buy the rat at 50 got one point on one and .25 on last. bruce just like nk said dont want you to feel like your the only here. please keep up the good work
and there she goes... getting all those stops
looks like i be selling the rat at 56.25 bruce can say now
they are really fighting it at YD's high. once that dam breaks, ONH it is
one thing that troubles me about he see I told ya so is that this week so far they pushed to the weekly SITYS levels but missed each side by only a few tics....the 78 area and the 38 area I mentioned on I need to see if the cash close of Friday hit it's SITYS levels off the weekly...perhaps I am losing something when I take the 4pm ES close......

I think that short would be the way to go from here....the only thing traders would want to see if time building up on one minute above the 53.75 - 55 ......then that would set up for the run to 60 and higher but the way this seems to be trading it seems more logical to roll back over and down into new lows on RTH into all that time from yesterday.....a trader could also waint until we start getting under todays developing vwap and then try for that bulk of time from yesterday...just pointing it out...not trading it ...
PSA: naked vpoc at 56.75 from 5/3
not trying to disagree Newekid and that's an ok idea if you have runners and want to go for it but otherwise we become breakout traders and Tuesday had all these little swings at 55.50...that would be my concern....but if you all need it long then I want it to blow through as if it isn't there
only took the one trade for a small win but good enough I guess 44 - 45 is still a key zone but I'm not looking to give anything back... c ya in the morning