ES Thursday 7-7-16

Main bell curve for me has center at 92.50 and an upper edge at 96.50 and a lower edge at 89.50 . so this is not perfectly symetric this morning. The 92.50 is a better magnet price and would prefer to see price push away from that on LOW volume and then have volume dry up to mean revert back to 92.50...86.75 and 83.75 are further numbesr to watch on downside ......ranges are a bit tight and would rather see 4 points between each line but I can only trade what is given. Here is overnight against part of yesterday..I'm using 96.50 - 98.50 as a resistance zone should we get up there as that would include the POC from 7-4 and low time from 7-1 trade...bulls need to hold 86.75 to keep long side in tact today

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tried and failed at plan is to sell 2100 - 2101 I'd like to see a retest of 96.50 but not sure they will give me an entry
so far biggest volume came in on the second one minute bar of the day......all lower since....but not gonna be stupid up here...this is a weekly high so we may monkey around a bit up here..2101 is still my line to work from...poc of one minute just flipped to the highs......and if we can get the short then I would have to use previous time at 98.50 as a first target...not much room for profit here
so if on the short then watch 98 - 98.50 that is Overnight high and also the previous POC as per one minute before the flip to highs...oh man would I like to see this roll over but that high doesn't look great to me..all those matches at 2102 is a concern on this
let me point out the danger of looking at vpoc or poc flips early in the session...It can drive ya nuts as back and forth price action can cause many flips !!! right now 2099.75 is current Time POC off one minute...I'm only trying for 98.50 and can't get it so far
the sharp trader will also realize that the 98.50 was the vpoc and poc from Mondays mini session...I'm hoping this low volume will let us drift back to 96.50 now and further but I don't think this will be an easy trade to far I see no other high volume bars
so today it's me Duck ...talking to self......I'm going to assume if we can't get below this 98.50 with an increase in volume on the break ( if it happens) relative to the previous volume bars then they will go run that poor high....In other words I need the breakdown now or else I need to just exit runners here and forget other targets below
dalton would say that the fact that we hit the overnight high exactly and bounced a bit is an indication of short term money playing today
i am here just taking some heat from 99.25 short
my stop sits at 2102.75
they love to test volume and I'm still conflicted as they haven't come back to test that volume at 96.50 yet.......and it doesn't feel like a "grinder " day up either....there was no volume on the break so I am flat....I plan to set an alert if 98.50 prints again and then will try to trade for that 96.50 and lower but otherwise I'll let someone else battle this midpoint has printed either and we are in a low volume there is still a chance, but we need to get back below O/N highs first
bruce it really wasnt good trading on my part..reason is i should of exit at 2100 for the small loss and short again at 2101.25..some days i can take those small losses no problem then other days i like a deer in the head lights. lol i was lucky my 1st stop wasnt hit at 2102.25 too. i am really liking those small losses over the 3-4 point losses..yes i done too today not because of time but of those 6 question you post while ago..i list them again for other people to view

1) over night high or low broken
2)floor trader number hit
3)over night mid point test
4)1st 30 min vpoc
6) break of previous day range