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I'm getting an error says I'm not authorized to use this and it will not load. I was using the DVATool and IBTool.

I've had a few other minor issues before this problem. I was not able to see the graphic after I configred the DVATool, and I was unable to turn off the sound alarm for the RF alert.
No AMD, just Intel, I just use pages, not layouts. No changes to system except I did just download a new version of MarketDelta last night.....

I think the problem might have to do with eSignal and the fact that sometimes ES M6 freezes up, but ES M6=2 seems to be okay. I have DVATool and IBTool on ES M6=2 and all is okay, when I load it on ES M6 it is okay for a bit then freezes.

My solution for now will be to just use ES M6=2.
Let's continue to try and isolate this problem.

I am running eSignal Version:
7.91 (Build 738) 09/12/2005

Everyday I typically have DVATool running on:
> ES M6,1 (also has IBTool)
> ES M6=2,30
> ES M6,3000V
> NQ #F=2,30

So I have certainly been exercising your problem chart for many months now.

Some questions:
1. Your eSignal version?
2. Timeframe on your ES M6 chart?
3. Does ES M6 freeze without anything loaded on it if left for long enough?
4. Have you tried ES #F instead of ES M6? (This will work fine with DVATool except for the 4 rollover days of the year.)
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