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I'm getting an error says I'm not authorized to use this and it will not load. I was using the DVATool and IBTool.

I've had a few other minor issues before this problem. I was not able to see the graphic after I configred the DVATool, and I was unable to turn off the sound alarm for the RF alert.
The not authorized message usually happens when eSignal can't reach the authorization server. This will happen if the web site is down or access to the web site is blocked by your ISP etc.

To see the graphic on the DVATool you need to slide the chart to the left as the graphic displays to the right of the rightmost bar by default. The position that the graphic is displayed at can be changed in the parameters.

There is a parameter in the DVATool that you need to set to false to stop the sound alert in the DVATool on each half hour for the RF alert. It is towards the bottom of the parameter list and is called RF Sound Alert. Set this to false.

To get to the parameters, right click the chart and select Edit Studies... in the subsequent Studies Properties dialog select DVATool from the Studies drop down in the top left corner and then change the parameter that you need to change.

A list of the parameters and what they do can be found on this page:
Thanks for the fast reply.

I've set tet the sound alert to false numerous times over the past week but then it reverts back and the alert sound still happens.
A couple of things can be happening to make the sound alert come back on:

The alert is set per indicator per chart. So if you have the indicator loaded twice (or more times) on the same chart then you have to set it to false for each one.

If you have the indicator loaded on multiple charts then you have to set it to false on each of the charts. I also have this problem in trying to track down which chart I have it set to true on. What I do now is as soon as I load it I change the option to false.

The sound option isn't a global option - it's per indicator.

If you save your chart layout as a layout or a page then it should also save the indicator settings on the chart so that you don't have to change them. If you add the indicator to the chart each day then the settings will revert to the default.

Let me know if that helps and if not some more info about how you save your layout/setup/charts and I'll try and get to the bottom of it.
I solved the above problem the other day with sound alerts, but today I have a new problem.

This morning I first noticed that the DVATools indicator showed the confirmed single at 1312 but the white line it drew was at the wrong level. I ignored it for a while. Then a little while later my chart completly froze. I called eSignal and we determined that my data feed is okay, for example, I was able to create new ES charts (with no DVATool) that were fine, but the chart with DVATool is not working correctly now, it is frozen. My quote window continues to show the correct price so I know eSignal is working.
I haven't seen this one before. Were there any other indicators on the frozen chart that could be causing problems? Or conflicting with something that the DVATool is doing?

Also: when did the chart freeze? As the price touched the singles?

What timeframe or type of chart do you have the DVATool on? Irregular timeframes and volume and tick charts will produce slightly different profiles.

On eSignal menus go to: Tools -> EFS -> Performance Monitor and see if the DVATool is using a disproportionately large amount of CPU.
(Having said that I've just checked my screens and see that the DVATool is using the most amount of time and this is what I would expect because it is doing a lot of computation.)

What else can you tell me about your setup that may help isolate the problem? CPU, memory, OS...?
I now realize that all the DVATools levels were off, not just the confirmed single (now filled).

I removed the DVATool.efs program, closed eSignal, re-opened eSignal and then added it seems to be working okay with correct levels.
I spoke to soon. After I re-loaded DVATool and IBTool and configured the parameters it was fine for 10 minutes. Now the chart has frozen again. I noticed that before the chart froze my cursor was "not active" ....when I move the cursor around the chart it is not highlighting/showing price to correspond with the level of the cursor.

There seems to be some type of compatibility issue here.
If I open a new chart window without DVATool or IBTool then it works fine.
I have XP, service pack 2, CPU P4 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM.
Looks like your machine is plenty powerful enough which is good. Quick question: Are you running AMD in Intel on your machine. I have both Intel and AMD running eSignal but I have heard about problems with some people and AMD's 64 bit chip.

What else has changed in your environment from when it was last stable? Are you running more charts? Any new software? (e.g. MarketDelta?)

Have you save your chart layout as a page or layout? If so, does this happen if you close all and start from a fresh page/layout. My thining here is that something became corrupt when a page/layout was being saved and is still resident...

We will get to the bottom of this yet...

What timeframe/type of chart is this on?
Let's continue to try and isolate this problem.

I am running eSignal Version:
7.91 (Build 738) 09/12/2005

Everyday I typically have DVATool running on:
> ES M6,1 (also has IBTool)
> ES M6=2,30
> ES M6,3000V
> NQ #F=2,30

So I have certainly been exercising your problem chart for many months now.

Some questions:
1. Your eSignal version?
2. Timeframe on your ES M6 chart?
3. Does ES M6 freeze without anything loaded on it if left for long enough?
4. Have you tried ES #F instead of ES M6? (This will work fine with DVATool except for the 4 rollover days of the year.)
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