ES Monday 9-26-16

I'm using 47 ( single prints ) and 44 as my two key areas this morning to target back up to 50 and hopefully higher...if current O/N low gives away then 38 - 40 is next zone but I don't expect that...current gap in overnight data at 52 - 53 area,,,hopefully that will eventually help pull price up to target...will add video to this post later.....we have a weekly floor number and a daily number in the 53 - 54 that would make a nice second target if we can get the long working

a video of my key market profile areas....keep floor trader probabilities in mind today.......I'd like to see weekly Pivot tested today as that is the closest number to current overnight price.........the current overnight low splits the weekly pivot at 53.75 and the weekly s1 at 33.50 ! that low is important to get a feel as to which number will print this week

No video below? Try this link: mp_numbers_for_monday.swf I am looking at the overnight trade is I am saying to myself that I don't think we will go down to 2139 today ( although we could) so anything under the s2 at 2150 could be a buy as long as we take the longs off our market profile areas ( or price action areas from previous days) with the expectation that they will come back up to the S2...and also we have gaps in the data and a weekly pivot above to hopefully help pull price back up
starting rth longs at 44.50 even though On low is nearby......will it be the S3 or s2 at 50 that prints in rth.....? my money is still leanig towards s2 but will target 47
plan for me is to add at 42.25 if it prints
trying to get out on something at original entry of 44.50
gap in the data at 45.5
I'd like to see a low volume push down towards the 42 again after this On low test completes then see price push back up to gap in data and then 47 and then new's that for making a prognostication.....but if new lows come then we have to assume that the 39 is coming and need to see if we can get on short side
taking something at gap in data ...this is second long of the day.....trying for 47 and then new highs on runners...42 will stop runners but if 47 prints I will cover and pull up last
a quick egomaniac video....or is it ??
No video below? Try this link: egomaniac___.swf

dam i try my best to hold on but exit at 45..good trading bruce
this market needs to stay above 43.50 - 44...otherwise I think they will be going for the 39......we have second 30 minute bar inside the first so those who fade the Ib lows and Highs should be careful...longs haven't given up yet.....I'm buying short term call options to try and hold for 53.75 but this may not print today.....that is part of the weekly probabilities
that's it for me...I'm out of ammo at 49.50..the new highs and in front of official S2 number.....we may go higher to the 53 - 54 but I won't be on that...c ya...hope some of this banter helped.....we can do a lot with the probabilities if we know what to look for in price action but trading them blindly is a fools game
ok sure thanks for that Bruce,,, I can get in front of my pc anytime from 7 am my time which is West Australian time( 12 in front of NY time i think....