ES Tuesday 10-4-16

before I shut down my trading platform here are key numbers coming into Tuesday

R2 goes well with POC from Friday - 62.50

r1 goes well with low time from Friday- 58 - 59

pivot goes well with the POC from Mondays trade -52.50

S1 goes well with the swing low at 1 pm and 2 pm on Monday

s2 goes well with a ledge from last thursday at the 42 - 43 area

Only one Floor trader number printed on Monday so we can expect at least two on Tuesday

Monday was second day in a row with no overnight midpoint test

R3 ( not shown ) goes well with a high from two Thursdays ago at 72.25

Last weeks low goes well with S3 ( not shown) at 32.25

Here is a basic chart with the Pivots and the profiles I think are relevant for Tuesday

Click image for original size
this is a fun line will either see plus 756 or drop down to being only up plus 54...I'd like to see it drop but this is slow motion again and I don't want to watch this too long today
agree and look at that poor high,,,,,ugh...has me more cautious then usual and how many times are we gonna pass through yesterdays trading 10 more minutes then I'm shutting down
Originally posted by NewKid

we could be in for another mellow day like YD
poc for today of time is right at YD highs.......nobody , including me knows what to do with it...scaled way back on runners at 56 ( gap in data above) now I don't have much to work with but also won't get beat up if/when they run out that poor high and up into R2
just went flat at in data and poor high above......gonna look for very small longs or call wife in to go get that gap...she seems to be the gap master
trying really hard to break out of OR low but keeps getting bounced out of it.... the battle continues
on the 55 long for gap
gap is at 57....
and now one at 56 too.....
going flat at 55....don't trust this
good call on bailing on that long!
this ad line concept implies that they will come back up to tag the S2 level in the I would expect 42.25 to print again since we are now under it