ES Wednesday 10-05-16

ON inventory is fairly balanced. If anything, it might be a little short even though we are currently above YD's close. There were almost 3 volume bells to YD's profile as can be seen in the picture with 42.5, 48.75 and 56 being the centers of those bells. We are currently trading around the center of the middle bell so I am going to be cautious at the open. Key LVN is at 45.5 which is also a couple of tics from the O/N mid. Also the current price is this week's VWAP so it is almost a coin toss on the direction for me at this time.

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i believe the stat is close to 98% or 99% of the time IB is broken...

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how many days fail to see a break from an IB high or low ? not many and especially when the range is so small
gaps in the data at 52.75 and my reversal to short is in trouble again I think...obvious ledge at 51 even....I'd like to see 50.25 just to make good on reversal number
scaling heavy at 50...that's 2 points off entry...and that last gap above at 54.75 is still on my mind
if we can push back into the poc at 53 then I will look to see if I can find a reversal on short runners to get them long to go get that gap in data and R1
just went flat on runners at 52........will take a new look to see if I can get that gap in the data
but for the most part I am calling it a day....over trading and only slightly positive today.....runners did not behave today nor did the market
in at 52.50 me....on long side ..this is it for me it's past 11...going for 54.50
out at target.......last will go for the R1 or will be stopped at 52.50 and my day is done......whew....glad it's over.....