ES Wednesday 6-21-17

I don't know if I have ever seen 4 midpoint failures so my preference will be to trade towards that ..key areas are 2432 , 2436 and then I am using two areas close by and those are 2439 and 2441 ( will actually use a zone between 2441 and last weeks highs)...anything over 2438 is almost an automatic small sell to me in overnight trade. We have closing vwap, the vpoc and the pivot all in the 39 - 41 area...a few screen shots for today

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Floor numbers for today are the pivot at 39.50 , R1 up at 45 and s2 down at 32 which could be a key area....wednesday option sellers still don't want this down 16 points off Fridays 4 pm close...any sells over 2438 should use 36 as a first target regardless of that midpoint
YM is making a "b" pattern which may be showing the struggle to go lower
no midpoint test and a poor low...I can't get long and am blinded by short side still......this is where probabilities can really mess you up and my plan is to still be short...
ym will have to get and hold above 21440 to change my bias today / this morning
starting new shorts at 39.50 with plan to add up into 41.25.. if needed
target is 37.50
runners on this campaign will go for the poor low and that damn midpoint...YM making new lows on the day now
a look at the "A and B " period poor low on todays profile
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poor low
scaling very heavy at 33.50 and that is it for me today.......oh gee, look at the time....LOL.....right inside the 90 minute window.......I must say, that was a killer trade and didn't expect that to work so out for 32 - 33.50 if you play in here....and if that really cracks then I would be looking at the 25.50 - 27.50......
a look at how the lines did on my favorite chart ...nuff said
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this market seems to be holding under last weeks VA long as we stay outside and under the 34 - 36 now ( remember at one time 2436 was last weeks POC but it flipped down to 2427) Then it seems logical that we drop down to test the POC from last week which is 2427