ES Thursday 6-29-17

Late in posting today....only thing I am trying is longs now off 26-28 area to see if I can get back to 30 and maybe higher ...lots of single prints on todays charts and this low volume is seeing price manipulated... 32 is single print from yesterday that they may need to spend more time at ....todays high matched yesterdays high to the tic and we also blew through the POC of time way up at in my world we have some magnets up above ....I am keeping my eye on failure too as if they keep selling we will push down to 2424.50 ......2430.50 is today breakdown my long zones will be 26 - 28 and also adding in the 24.50
and hopefully the 2412.....need to put in more tpo's at a weekly low...u know that is one of my favorite ideas
too fast to type and trade...04 .50 was a POC from 5-31...taking off final at 11.50 an trading for me tomorrow
get out in front of the areas is my mantra for this week !!!!
my one measly runner came off at 2416...this was a killer trade.. and that was a prior weekly low...not boasting but just excited as I didn't go into the holiday getting crushed...Hoping to make a video sometime within the next few days of the reasons behind all that babble and posts areas...and also cover high and low time area concept as I noticed a question in yesterdays thread...puts sold have a modest profit and will see what days end brings to decide
to hold them or not