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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
what the heck, ill try a buy at the 1 and 5 avg,at 944.25, 2.5 stop
9:51 low?
wow, that was ugly!
We also filled singles 942.75-947 and 947-950.75. Next singles above from prior pit sessions 977.75-981.5 and below 926.75-929.75. That ~965 high volume area we talked about yesterday should be a barrier if we test that area today.
stopped and down 3.25 now .. trying again tho
at 936.50
daily S1 = 934
Thanks Kool, I will follow as best I can and try and understand, I didnt know that you used time so is this explained in a strategy somewhere as so far I am only aware of counting bars ?
long one at 936.50, looking to exit soon! just want a couple handles as usual!

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