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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
Originally posted by Benny

100% IB extension is at 911,,,,hmmmmm 909.50 within the stops ranges

This was from earlier not a bad zone to be in a long IMO
Iwas afraid you were going to say that Vo!
Benny, What is an IB extension ?
15m 6:45H and 7:15L gives us 899...interesting
sheese my order was hit dead nuts at 12:40 and NO FILL ..some how i knew they would do that!.... watching(and crying!)
IB is the first hour range of the ES and the 100% ext is a one of the market profile view of the mkt
i may have called the most important low of the last week, and im not making a penny offof it...sigh
UNREAL.. having the worst day in weeks...up only 3.25 handles and i feel like they threw me under the bus today! Must be tired!
better than being down- i am down 350
1m says 917.50

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