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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
finally a decent cycle maybe... 11:37-12:01 or 12:02 giving a peak near 12:25 28!... ive really been off on my cycles all day! too many bars next to each other with the same high or low etc
holy #@%@# ..there it is again! 12:05high and 12:06 low! 908.25! see it?
wsj I think that was actually Kool...I use TS for $Tick
and I might add that my closing ticks never match up
neither do mine guys .. i use the wall street journal market data website
by the way i still get a decent low around 12:25-28
how to calculate tick?

wow, i made that 908 call on globex i think... that was a long way up from here!
ill be buying that 908-909 if it hits near 12:28
order to buy 2@ 908.75

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