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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
dandy wsj
Thanks VO, your info on the tick yesterday helped me make that decision :-)
I responded to your ? on the T2W thread wsj
Great, did not get a chance to take a peek will look at it right away. Thanks.
if our low holds...5m proj to 938.50
RTH S2 915.50 so9 916.00
low at 11:56?

10:21P -> 11:08P from the 3min.
can they hold this low?
just got back... and there it is again! 11:59 and 12:00 one min. bars....908.50!
VO - What tool are you using to get info on TICKS especially the one you used yesterday for the above 800 number?

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